Matt and Danielle Noyes have promised a “dual-pronged approach” to digital-first weather forecasting, and the exclusive 1°Outside data offering joins the available video forecasts as the second pillar of quality weather information.  In a time of rapid technological advancement, Matt, Danielle and the 1°Outside team are leveraging modern computing with a groundbreaking approach to weather prediction. At the heart of our mission is a powerful mantra from company President, Matt Noyes: “Deliver the best forecast possible, to the greatest number of people possible.” This philosophy is the driving force behind what will become our flagship offering, the 1°Outside Prediction System, which is set to revolutionize how we understand and interact with weather data by making highly detailed, high-quality predictive weather data available to the masses.

A New Era in Weather Forecasting

The 1°Outside Prediction System is poised to stand apart in the weather forecasting landscape. While many providers simply repackage existing government models, 1°Outside is leveraging the best aspects of global and regional numerical weather prediction (NWP) while minimizing their shortcomings to create a system offering superior accuracy and detail.  But we aren’t stopping there.  The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in refining weather forecast models – identifying and improving solutions, and enhancing the ability to highlight meaningful details.

Customized, Detailed, and Responsive

1°Outside’s Prediction System is being designed with the user in mind, offering customizable forecasts that will cater to diverse needs, from individual consumers to specialized industries. Our approach ensures that even neglected and underserved market segments receive the detailed attention they require and deserve.

There’s more than just data in our products: each parameter will also be carefully curated, reviewed, tested and used operationally by our team of veteran meteorologists to ensure promised quality is delivered.  Of course, verification work is continuously ongoing for data-based quality control and review.

The 1°Outside Advantage

First data products from the 1°Outside Prediction System will be released in the coming weeks and months, and will provide more than just a tool for predicting weather: it is a testament to our commitment to innovation, accuracy, and service to the community. As we move forward, 1°Outside combines the expertise and communication prowess of accomplished broadcast meteorologists in Danielle, Matt and their team, with constantly improving data to drive their forecasts.  This dual-pronged approach is at the heart of our 1°Outside commitment to be the only forecast you need, for all seasons.