1°Outside Evening Essentials: Open up the windows tonight, Warm but not humid Tuesday

Tonight’s Weather

  • Evening Showers and Thunderstorms: Any lingering downpours, showers, or isolated thunderstorms will begin to dwindle as we pass 8 PM. Expect some activity in northern Vermont and stretching into southern and central Maine. By midnight, most of this action will dissipate.
  • Overnight: Tonight, expect mostly clear to partly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping into the 50s in northern and central New England. Some suburbs north and west of Boston will also experience these cooler temperatures. It’s a great night to open your windows and let in the fresh air, as dew points will continue to drop, providing comfortable sleeping conditions. Southern New England will see temperatures in the 60s with a refreshing northwest breeze.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

  • Sunny and Warm: Expect a glorious summer day across New England with lots of sunshine. High temperatures will be in the 80s for most of us, reaching the mid to upper 80s in southern New England, near 80 on the Cape, and 80 to 85 across northern New England. Despite the warmth, humidity levels will be low, making for a pleasant day outdoors.
  • Outdoor Plans: Whether you’re headed to the mountains, lakes, or beaches, the weather will be perfect. The UV index will be very high, so don’t forget to apply sunblock. Water temperatures in the lakes are creeping up through the 70s, offering a great summer experience. On Cape Cod, temperatures will be near 80.
  • Rip Current Risk: There is a moderate rip current risk on the National Seashore of the Outer Cape. Expect three to five-foot waves offshore and two to four feet for the rest of our marine community. Higher seas of six to eight feet are expected south of Nova Scotia, particularly around Browns Bank and the Northeast Channel, due to a departing low-pressure area and strong wind gusts.

Looking Ahead