Monday’s 1°Outside Insights: Beryl’s Moisture to Deliver Rain to New England

Beryl is now a Tropical Storm, half a nation away from New England as it continues to gradually weaken. Eventually, it will be just a remnant low pressure system. The leftover moisture will merge with a cold front from the north, increasing the number and intensity of downpours and thunder all the way into New England as the week progresses. Full details in the video from Matt, and the post below!

As we start this new week, the big weather story is Tropical Storm Beryl. While Beryl has weakened from a hurricane, it still carries a significant amount of moisture and warmth. This system will impact our weather in New England over the coming days. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect:


Tuesday will see high temperatures making a run towards 90 degrees, with scattered showers and storms expected in the afternoon as the first disturbance drops in ahead of a cold front. The night will be muggy and mild, with temperatures staying in the 70s.

Midweek: Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday brings more moisture from Beryl into the region, which will lead to scattered showers and thunderstorms, particularly in the afternoon and evening. The rainiest period is expected later on Wednesday into Wednesday night. Temperatures will remain warm, although cooler than Tuesday.

Thursday continues the trend with more scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially inland. The South Coast may see fewer storms, but it will still be humid with temperatures in the 80s.

End of the Week

Friday will feature a similar pattern with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will hover in the 80s, and the humidity will remain high.

Saturday and Sunday we’ll watch a disturbance over the Atlantic to see how organized it will be as it draws closer to the coast.

Rainfall and Dew Points

The rainfall amounts will vary significantly across the region. Northern and Western New England could see localized amounts over five inches, while southern areas will see less rain. Dew points will stay elevated, keeping the air feeling very humid through the week.