May 2024 Monthly Forecast: Near Normal Temperatures & Precipitation

At the start of every month, we’ll be diving into the weather pattern for the month ahead. Here’s Matt’s thoughts on May both nationwide and here at home.

Temperature Outlook:

While warmer than normal temperatures are expected across much of the East Coast, the persistent storm center in the Canadian Maritimes could throw a wrench in things for the Northeast. These northerly and northeasterly winds, sometimes “backdoor fronts,” will mean cooler air, coming in from the ocean, preventing significant warmth. As a result, the Northeast is likely to experience near normal temperatures (around the mid-60s in Boston) instead of the anticipated widespread warmth.

Precipitation Outlook:

Precipitation is a bit more uncertain. Near normal precipitation is a possibility, but lower than normal is also on the table. The cool air incursions might bring clouds and light rain, but likely not enough for significant precipitation. Overrunning precipitation events, where warm air meets cool air, could bring rain to some parts of the Northeast, but the extent is unclear. Upstate New York might see more rain due to overrunning from New England, but overall, the Northeast is likely to see near normal precipitation.

Stay Updated:

We’ll continue to monitor the pattern throughout May. Every Monday, we’ll provide a detailed two-week forecast on our soon-to-be-released app, which will also include 14-day forecasts. Thanks for checking in 1°Outside!