1°Outside Pattern Predictions: Summer Warmth Turns On In the Coming Two Weeks

Please watch the video for full details on the 14-day forecast – which features more heat than we’ve seen – but here’s the summary from Matt Noyes:

Two Week Summary

  • Early Week: Starting with temperatures in the 70s, affected by sea breezes.
  • Midweek: Transition to a southwest wind bringing heat and humidity.
  • Friday: Thunderstorms likely due to a cold front, dropping temperatures heading into the weekend.
  • Next Week: Heat and humidity build again, with some staying power.

Meteorological Insight

  • Jet Stream Position: The jet stream, which separates cool air to the north from warm air to the south, is currently flowing across the northern tier of the country, dipping into the northeast. This setup allows cool air to descend from the north, maintaining cooler conditions.
  • Midweek Changes: The upper-level storm starts to break down, leading to a temporary warm-up on Thursday and Friday. However, more jet stream energy arrives Friday, bringing a potential for severe thunderstorms as the cold front moves in. This transition will result in a beautiful weekend with lower dew points and pleasant temperatures.
  • Weekend Outlook: A ridge of high pressure will build, bringing fair weather and a warm bubble across the eastern United States. Though the weekend will start mild, heat will build as the jet stream shifts north into Canada.
  • Next Week’s Heat: As we move into next week, New England will be on the warm side of the jet stream. Temperatures are expected to be about 15 degrees above normal, making it a hot week, particularly the third week of June.

Long-Term Forecast

  • Late 14-Day Period: Ridging will continue into the end of the 14-day period, although it may start to break down slightly, allowing for some sea breezes. However, the eastern U.S. will still experience warm conditions.

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