Matt & Danielle Noyes: Their hearts beat for New England weather.

Danielle and Matt are not just life partners but teammates in every sense, deeply rooted as lifelong New Englanders and seasoned broadcasters after decades on Boston’s major TV networks, now bringing that lifelong teamwork to 1ºOutside. They are dedicated parents to three children, embodying the warmth and friendliness they’re known for on-air.

Often hailed as Boston’s “power couple of weather,” their bond with the community extends far beyond the airwaves. Whether hosting local events or educating students about meteorology, Matt and Danielle are genuine stewards of New England’s spirit. Their shared passion for weather and community involvement has endeared them to many, making their weathercasts not just informative but a daily meeting with friends.

Matt’s journey from proud Merrimack Valley local to founding Chief Meteorologist for NBC Boston, with over a quarter century in broadcasting on New England Cable News (NECN) to all six states, has made him a cornerstone of New England’s weather scene through his dedication to providing trustworthy weather forecasts. When not forecasting, Matt is deeply involved in local initiatives, reflecting his commitment to the community he’s always called home.

Danielle, with over 15 years on Boston’s meteorological scene, brings a unique blend of expertise and community service. Her versatile role in the meteorological community, from television to forensic meteorology and private weather consulting, showcases her comprehensive understanding of weather’s impact on all facets of life. A Weymouth native, her deep connection to the area is evident in her enthusiastic engagement with the local community and her advocacy for science education.

Together, Matt and Danielle Noyes are more than meteorologists; they’re part of the fabric of New England, touching lives through their expertise and heartfelt community involvement. Join them in their journey of weather discovery and community service, and become part of their extended New England family.