Tuesday evening, 1°Outside’s meteorologist Danielle Noyes joined J.C. Monahan and Glenn Jones on NBC10 Boston in her role as Forensic Meteorologist, to delve into the weather conditions during the key time in focus around Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe’s death in Canton on January 29, 2022.  As a forensic meteorologist, Danielle works with legal teams to re-create weather conditions at the time of important incidents for the purposes of lawsuits, insurance claims and more.  Danielle is not currently serving as a forensic meteorologist in this case, so Tuesday evening on NBC, Danielle explained the role of a forensic meteorologist, then used her forensic skills to explain the weather on the evening in question.  If you’re a legal team in need of a weather expert, click here to see how Danielle and Matt Noyes can help.  Watch the full NBC10 Boston segment with Danielle, here: