Join Matt Noyes for an exciting glimpse into the future of 1°Outside, your new digital-first destination for expert weather forecasting from husband-wife meteorologist team Matt and Danielle. As we gear up for the full launch of our website and mobile app, discover the cutting-edge features coming your way:

  • Advancing Beyond the 10-Day Forecast: Leveraging modern technology, Matt and Danielle are set to extend the boundaries of long-range forecasting.
  • Weather to Meet You Where You’re At: Unique forecast delivery and creative products for a more customized experience.
  • Home-Grown Tools: Custom-built in New England, our tools are tailored to give you the best in weather prediction.
  • Newest Weather Graphics System in the World: A new system making its U.S. debut with 1°Outside – experience Artificial Intelligence-enhanced accuracy and display.
  • Live Broadcasts and Interactive Content: Get ready for live streams and interactive broadcasts designed to bring you into the heart of meteorology.
  • Podcasting with Matt and Danielle: Dive deeper into weather topics and beyond with the dynamic duo in their upcoming podcast series.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we finalize the touches to bring you a weather experience like no other. Matt and Danielle are excited to reconnect with you all—not just as viewers but as an engaged community ready to explore the skies together. Subscribe and follow us to be the first to experience 1°Outside as soon as it launches!