Friday’s display of Northern Lights in New England was phenomenal and best we’ve seen in recent memory!!  The big question is: can we do it again?!  Matt Noyes tells us the atmosphere isn’t nearly as favorable as of 7 PM Saturday, but that doesn’t mean all hope is entirely lost, as we’ve been seeing pulses of upper atmosphere excitement today.  Matt encourages all of us to keep an eye on the 30 minute forecast ourselves, and empowers us to do that by sharing the very same link he uses – for an animation of 30 minute forecasts over the last 24 hours ( and the still image of the latest 30 minute forecast that might be best on your mobile phone (  Good luck to everyone and remember what we shared on social media last night: sometimes, your phone camera will pick up on the Aurora Borealis even better than the naked eye, so if the sky is clear and you see the 30 minute product showing hope, take a look through your phone!  Please don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media @1DegreeOutside!