Late Tuesday’s 1°Outside Insights: All You Need to Know About the Fireworks Forecast!

With the 4th of July fast approaching, we know many of you have plans for fireworks and outdoor activities. In today’s Insights Video, Matt Noyes gives a detailed look at the holiday stretch – or read below for help planning accordingly.

Tuesday Evening and Wednesday

This evening is shaping up to be perfect for fireworks with pleasant air and temperatures around 70 degrees, dropping into the 60s for some areas. The wind is light, which means you might see some lingering smoke from lower fireworks, but overall, it’s a great night to enjoy the show.

Tomorrow, expect high altitude clouds (those wispy cirrus clouds) that won’t impact your plans. It will be a beautiful day with temperatures in the 80s, low humidity, and a light sea breeze cooling the coast. The UV index will be very high, so don’t forget the sunscreen!

Independence Day (Thursday)

Thursday will be a bit trickier. The humidity will rise, and there’s a chance of widely scattered (not widespread, just here and there) showers and thunderstorms, particularly a passing shower in the morning…then a few pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon as a cold front moves through. We expect most of the activity to die down by the evening, making it a go for fireworks. Temperatures will be in the 80s, and it will feel sticky, so stay hydrated if you’re out all day.

Friday and the Weekend

Friday continues with increased humidity and more chances for showers. The morning to midday period will have the highest chance of showers in southern New England, shifting to northern New England in the afternoon and evening. This sets up a potentially active day on Saturday with thunderstorms due to high humidity and an approaching disturbance.

Detailed Forecast

  • Tuesday Evening: Pleasant with temperatures around 70 degrees, dropping into the 60s. Light wind, perfect for fireworks.
  • Wednesday: Beautiful day with highs in the 80s, low humidity, and high UV index. Light sea breeze at the coast.
  • Thursday (4th of July): Warm and humid with a chance of morning showers and afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures in the 80s.
  • Independence Day Evening (Fireworks): Any showers or storms that do manage to pop up in the afternoon likely weaken during the evening. While we can’t rule out one or two still around, for most, fireworks look good for the evening. Temperatures around 70 and humid.
  • Friday: Humid with some showers likely in the morning to midday in southern New England, and afternoon to evening in northern New England.
  • Saturday: Active afternoon with thunderstorms expected due to high humidity and warmth.

Looking Ahead

The New England 14-day forecast shows a very summery pattern with various chances for thunderstorms. For detailed insights, check out our Pattern Predictions video linked here or on our homepage.

Stay Updated

Remember, you can always get the latest updates on our app, which provides real-time information on showers and storms. It’s available on both Apple iOS and Google Play (though on Google Play the easiest way is just to click the Android link at the top of the banner of our homepage). Download it today to stay ahead of the weather.

Enjoy the holiday festivities, stay safe, and have a fantastic 4th of July!