Dive into a new era of weather experience with 1°Outside, spearheaded by New England’s trusted meteorologists, Matt and Danielle Noyes. Our platform promises to deliver innovative weather forecasting, geared toward digital-first, reshaping how you utilize and interact with weather information.

Your Weather, Personalized and Precise

Our evolving platform serves as a comprehensive hub for weather insight, offering:

  • In-depth Weather Analyses: Dive into detailed forecasts that bring clarity to your daily planning.
  • Interactive Live Streams: Engage with Matt and Danielle directly during significant weather events for real-time insights.
  • Expert Consultations and Forensic Meteorology: Access specialized services for legal cases, event planning, and more.
  • Community Engagement: Join Matt and Danielle for educational outreach, public appearances, and immersive weather education.

The Evolution of Weather Consumption

Matt and Danielle have seen, and been a part of, the shift towards digital platforms for weather information. Embracing this change, 1°Outside integrates cutting-edge technology with their extensive meteorological expertise to offer unparalleled weather forecasting services.

What’s on the Horizon?

This website – and soon, the release of the 1°Outside Weather Network app – marks only a first step in our journey to provide you with superior weather data. In the coming weeks and months, we will introduce a sophisticated, proprietary Prediction System, enhancing accuracy and reliability for all. We’re confident 1°Outside will become your definitive source for weather information — “The Only Forecast You Need to Know. For all seasons.”

Stay connected with us as we unveil these exciting developments. 1°Outside is more than just a weather service; it’s your trusted, veteran meteorologists creating a new standard in accessible, accurate, and user-focused meteorology.