We’re thrilled to announce the Noyes’ 1°Outside Weather Network App has now launched on Apple’s iOS and Android (see link at top of page banner and bottom of this post), in the Apple App Store and on Google Play!

There are a ton of features IF you know how to use them – above is a video tutorial on how to get the most out of the app, but we’ve written out the biggest points, below, too…

  1.   ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS AT ALL TIMES AS WELL AS ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS.  We’re a couple of weather fanatics with a family – we have zero desire to know your location or personal information.  Allowing location is critical to get weather alerts during severe weather, see where you are on Interactive Radar, and get the right forecast.  Allowing notifications is necessary for weather alerts – you can customize notifications in the app, including turning them off.
  2.   THE HOME SCREEN IS YOUR STARTING POINT.  If we have recent/pertinent videos, they will show up at the top.  After that, the Home Screen is your abbreviated look at the weather – all of it leads to more information deeper in the app, but the Home Screen gets you what you need at a glance.
  3.   ADD YOUR FAVORITE LOCATIONS – SEVERAL, IF YOU WANT!  BUT ALSO NOTICE “FOLLOW ME”.  Follow me, obviously, follows you – you probably want notifications on for that so if there’s a tornado headed right for you, you’ll know.  To add other locations, like your house, your kid’s school, etc. – tap the Town/City label at the top of the Home Screen.  We put Weymouth and Haverhill in there by default as a tip of the cap to where we each grew up, but you can easily delete those by tapping the three little dots next to them.  When you add your own location, DON’T JUST LEAVE IT AS IT COMES!  Once your location is in there, tap those three dots again and hit “Pinpoint” – you’ll get a nifty pinch-and-zoom map so you can literally put the pin in your yard!!  This will get you a much more accurate forecast.  While you’re in there…
  4. BE SURE TO ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS IF YOU WANT THEM FOR EACH OF YOUR LOCATIONS!!!  Notice you can also “Nickname” a location (ex: Home!).
  5. ON THE HOME SCREEN, TAP THE THREE BARS IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER:  We mostly just want you to see another photo of us, but there’s some utility here too.  Location we just covered.  NEXT, TAP “Settings.”
  6. BE SURE “1°Outside Weather Network Alerts” ARE ON – these are the alerts we’ll send personally!  Directly below that…
  7. TAP WEATHER NOTIFICATION TYPES.  These are the automated alerts like government warnings.  The only ones that aren’t government warnings are “Precipitation” and “Lightning.”  We find both of those alerts to be AWESOME, but if you ever get annoyed with knowing rain is going to move in or lightning is nearby, you can one or both of them off and still get the rest of the alerts – they are all customizable.
  8. GO BACK TO SETTINGS and BE SURE NOTIFICATION SOUNDS ARE ON so you’ll hear severe weather notifications.
  9. GO BACK TO THE HOME SCREEN AND TAP THE “1°Outside Interactive Radar.”  Some cool stuff:  a) Notice the time slider beneath the radar.  The right side of it could say “Past,” “Past + Future” or “Future.”  Past will show you a radar loop up until now when you press play, past + future shows a loop up until now with a forecast of what’s to come, and future is only the future.  WE SUGGEST “PAST” OR “PAST + FUTURE” – otherwise you’ll never see what’s actually happening now.  TRY TAPPING THE THREE VERTICAL DOTS IN THE LOWER RIGHT OF THE RADAR MAP – this opens some great options, including “Weather Conditions” drawn on the map, “Overlays” of other awesome info, “Alerts” to see any watches and warnings on the map, and “Map Types” to change the basemap.  Press X when you’re done to close the options.
  10. NOTICE THE OTHER TABS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE APP!  “Hourly” goes out 48 hours (the home screen hourly preview only goes out 24), and the “14-Day” tab is pretty powerful…
  11. TAP THE “14-DAY” TAB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE APP!  This opens the full 14-day forecast.  You can tap on a day to see full details for that day, including a day/night breakdown, or if those details are open and you want to close them, just tap the day again.  We are one of the only apps in the country to show you the morning low before the afternoon high temperature.  This takes a little more getting used to, but you can think of each day in the 14-day as “I start at XX° and end at XX°.”
  12. IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEND US A PHOTO OR VIDEO, YOU CAN USE THE “SEND TO US” TAB AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE APP!  For now, this will send via email.  At some point it’ll change to web submission.  Either way, Danielle, Matt and the 1°Outside Team are notified each time a submission comes in.  PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO MENTION YOUR LOCATION WHEN SENDING PHOTOS/VIDEOS!!!  We can’t begin to tell you how many photos of important weather we get with no location, which is fun to look at but does us no good relaying information or improving our forecast!

Above all, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  We’re excited for everyone to have the best weather experience you’ve ever had on an app.  Click here to link to the app in the Apple App Store and click here to link to the app in Google Play!

Thanks for your support and stay safe!

Matt and Danielle